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"Infection around the sheep tags was not an issue, and retention was excellent with no tags lost. The FDX tags read well. "

farmer using electronic sheep tags

Hamish Bielski Mount Linton Farms, New Zealand


"Using TagFaster I can tag 400 lambs per hour. The tags are easy to load and easy to use, which means I can save both time and money. I have enjoyed dealing with Roxan over the years, and, thanks to the arrival of TagFaster (especially for EID), will continue to work with them in the future."

sheep tags using farmer

David MacTaggart, Scottish Borders


"The Roxan system was simple! Tags in consecutive strips, automatic applicator, only two people to do 110 tag pairs in ¾ of an hour (previously had taken three people 1 ½ hours)."

farmer who uses sheep ear tags

Will Terry, Yorkshire


Sheep Tags, Cattle Tags & Bird Tags

Brian Eadie - Inventor of Cattle tags, Sheep tags, Pig Tags and Game Farming products since 1990

TagFaster UK NON-EID Batch Tags REDUCED! Order NOW!

Roxan iD and Brian Eadie in particular has been providing innovative animal tagging solutions since 1990. Some of the most useful farming industry products have been designed by us, including:

  • TagFaster - designed around the use of EID ear tags for sheep. Watch TagFaster Videos

  • BitFitter - the original automatic beak-bit dispenser and applicator system for Gamefarmers.

  • Wonderbands - used by the worlds top poultry companies for electronically identifying chicks at day-old.

Our Supercrotal Brass Cattle Tags are the original and best Metal Secondary Tag for cattle. They are manufactured by Hauptner Herberholz from Germany and available directly from Roxan ID who stock and mark the tags in the UK.

We continue to be, after more than 20 years, committed to bringing you 

identifiably different tagging systems at realistic prices.

Contact Roxan iD today for more information and sample tags


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Oct 3, 2014
TagFaster UHF brings grouped sheep movement recording into 21st century.
Jun 28, 2014
ROXAN wins another Silver Award for Innovation at the Royal Highland Show.2014.
May 18, 2014
Keep TagFaster working with some simple care.
Apr 6, 2014
extra visual management at no extra cost
Mar 20, 2014

6 of the biggest and badest parasites to watch out for this lambing season!

Take action and protect your lamb crop.

Mar 17, 2014

We had a 100% retention rate in comparison to aluminium wingbands where we ended up re-tagging 22% of the birds on test.


Roxan is the livestock ear tag company that thinks ahead. We are passionate about giving you the answers for which you
may not yet have the questions! Call us or email us with your ideas and feedback. We relish a challenge!

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