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About Us

We are pleased to announce an important change designed to further deliver a seamless experience for you when engaging with our range of solutions – this is the creation of one entity for all your agricultural innovation needs, KiwiKit Roxan.

Over many years KiwiKit has established itself as a champion of New Zealand inspired solutions for British and Irish farmers, fencers, agriculture professionals and vets. At the same time Roxan has delivered you quality, time-saving and labour-saving innovations for animal identification, including automatic ear tagging. The joining of these two entities, teams, and portfolios results in a significant pool of experience, expertise & award-winning solutions.

Our combined brand portfolio, under the global umbrella of Datamars Livestock, impressively includes Tru-Test, Pel, Z Tag TagFaster, Prattley, Simcro, Strainrite, Kaiwaka, Stallion, Peach Teat, Oringi, Germinal, Rubba. As testament to our desire to provide a seamless experience for all your farm management needs many of these brands we own outright, or distribute exclusively.

So, when it comes to managing and caring for your animals, or working the land effectively and efficiently, we’re there with you. On farm and online, our digital platforms connect you with information about your livestock and farm, bolstering your insights and enabling you to make precise, informed decisions.

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