About Us

ROXAN are responsible for some of the most time saving and quality farming products on the market including TagFaster, the fully automatic sheep tagging system, plus their highly visible Rubba Tag range of flexible tags. TagFaster allows for successive tagging in groups of 10 pairs or 20 single EIDs - Unlike with manual tagging where the tags need to be prepared after each animal. Strips of TagFaster tags are locked into place before being fed through the protective horn and are dispensed sequentially. As soon as the tag is closed the ear is instantly released without the need to release your grip, reducing the chance of ear damage or stress to the animal. The tags have proven excellent read performance and have been designed with animal welfare in mind, giving maximum ear space with an anti-pinch hinge. They are also lightweight with a mid-sized pin, which includes an antibacterial additive, and are ideal for new born lambs!


Now that ROXAN is part of the part of the Datamars Group, we are able to widen our portfolio from just Livestock Identification to include Animal Health Delivery Systems and Farm Resource Management. With an extended range of EID Readers which are light and easy to handle, from the Tracking-1 Hand Held Reader to the AirStick Reader and other supplementing products, which will help make Tagging, Reading and Supplementing simple.