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Improve Your Odds of Summer Success and maximise your flock returns as the season unfolds with some of our Ebook insights.


Hopefully shortening the odds, encouraging you to count some cards, get the Ace out of the pack, avoid the Joker, Beat the House and get that WINNING FEELING every time you cash in your chips -lambs even! 


  1. Every Lamb Can Help You WIN if market finishing requirements can be met in a timely manner. 

  2. Play Your Cards Right with data driven decisions removing guesswork where you can. 

  3. Beat The House Every Time by monitoring their growth performance by weighing to ensure nutritional and health requirements are satisfied. 

  4. Deal Yourself In & Play To Win with EID readers, digital weighers and load bars capturing treatment and movement records.  

  5. Don’t Get Behind the Eight-Ball as lambs transition to forage, ensuring nutritional as well as trace element needs are in place keeping a close eye on health needs. 

  6. Ensure a Royal Flush After Weaning and keep forge in front of them, consider rotational grazing that can fit your system. 

  7. Worming Does Not Have To Be a Lottery and add a card to your hand with Faecal Egg Counts to reveal the burden and gain an insight into your resistance status. 

  8. Reduce the Odds on Flystrike and take preventative steps and apply correctly in plenty of time. 

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