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Datamars Livestock launches ‘smart’ 46 Joule Pel Energizer

There’s a new King of the paddock, with global leader in animal management, Datamars Livestock, launching a 46 Joule Pel electric fence energizer. The PEL 46000W Mains Energizer offers a powerful alternative to the PEL 836RS/R models, for farmers that want a great performing energizer with an intuitive interface. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, the Datamars Livestock Farm App provides the ability to monitor and control the energizer from a phone.

Rob Massey, Head of Sales for Datamars Livestock UK, says the latest creation is more powerful than before – charging up to 460 kilometres of fence line. “It’s also our first ‘smart’ energizer, giving farmers’ peace of mind and saving time,” says Rob. Farmers can use the Datamars Livestock Farm App to connect the energizer to Wi-Fi, check voltage in real-time and configure settings. The app can also turn the power off and on, and send alerts when the voltage drops, solving a real pain point for farmers when they are off farm, at the store, or taking a well-earned holiday.

Feedback from farmers who have put the 46 Joule to the test is extremely positive, saying: “it’s easy to use” and “you can just plug in and play”.


Features + Benefits

Cyclic Wave TM provides continuous power right to the end of the fence.

LED indicators show energizer output voltage for quick diagnostics.

Bi-polar technology provides high performance in dry, low conductive soil conditions.

New terminal design allows for a more robust connection of fence wires.

Can operate with 100 – 240 V mains supply

3 year warranty.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled

  • Connect with nearby energizer using Bluetooth to check voltage, turn on and off, and configure remote address (Fence remote sold separately).

  • Connect to energizer remotely over the internet to receive notifications when voltage drops.

  • Check voltage remotely, and turn on and off remotely (Requires Wi-Fi network coverage).


Research carried out in the 1970s by the New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute discovered an ideal fence pulse shape. Two decades later the University of Auckland created and patented an energizer design that could deliver a true Cyclic Wave output. This pulse shape is now known as "Cyclic Wave™". PEL perfected this leading edge technology and has incorporated it into the Cyclic Wave range of products.

Cyclic Wave provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximising the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control. When comparing standard energizers to Cyclic Wave energizers of the same size, the pulse of the Cyclic Wave energizer (output joules) travels further and is stronger. The efficiency of joules to wire length is also improved significantly. Due to its many benefits, we’ve continued to employ Cyclic Wave on the 46000W Mains Energizer.


In areas with poor earthing conditions, a 'bi-polar' installation may be used to enhance the performance of the fence. The fence wires are connected in such a way that an animal gets a shock from touching any wire and the earth, or any two wires, when earthing conditions are poor. This gives more assurance of an animal receiving a shock, compared to typical or earth return fence constructions.


  • Split bolt terminals allow multiple fence wires to be connected easily.

  • Pin through design allows for a robust connection without needing to bend the fence wire or over-tighten.

  • Large terminal knob is easy to grip and adequately tighten.

  • Terminal colour indication on product, so displacing terminal knobs is not an issue.

  • Easy to disassemble terminals without taking apart the product, in case of adverse lightning damage.



Use the Datamars Livestock: Farm mobile app to connect to your energizer and see the fence voltage in real-time, configure your energizer settings, and connect the energizer to your Wi-Fi network.

Once your energizer is connected to the internet you will be notified when your fence voltage drops, wherever you may be, so you can act quickly to resolve the issue before any animals go where they don’t belong.

If you find a fault on the fence line, use the app to turn the energizer off right from where you’re standing, fix the fault, then turn the energizer back on and check the voltage is back to normal.



Will the 46000W need a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity to connect to the internet?

Yes, the 46000W needs to be installed in a location with a Wi-Fi signal to be able to connect to the internet.

Does my phone have to be on the same Wi-Fi network to be able to monitor and control a Wi-Fi connected 46000W?

No, as long as your phone has internet access you will be able to monitor and control your Wi-Fi connected 46000W. This means your phone can be connected through cellular data or a different Wi-Fi network.

Can the 46000W be mounted on the same screws as my current 836R?

No, to handle the extra weight of the 46000W the mounting hole locations differ to the 836RS/R and it is advisable that the 4 x wood screws, provided with the 46000W, are used. A mounting template is provided to make it easy to locate the wood screws.

Do I need to bend the fence lead-out wire around the output terminals?

No, the design of the terminals do not require the lead-out wire to be bent around the terminal. The internal pin of the terminal knob ensures a robust connection through the centre of the terminal.

Bi-polar may improve my fence performance, where can I go to find out more information on how to set this up?

The user manual of the product shows how to configure a bi-polar fence and the benefits of doing so.

Does the 46000W have lightning protection?

As with our 836RS/R there is internal lightning protection built into the 46000W. The 46000W’s terminal have the added benefit of being user replaceable if external damage is caused by lightning.

There are a lot of mains brown-outs in my area, will the 46000W be able to operate in brown-out conditions?

Yes, the 46000W is able to operate normally down to 100 V. This is well below the applicable operating voltage for the 836RS/R.



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