TagFaster Success with Swaledales

Dec 29, 2014
Posted by: brian
Category: Testimonials
Tagging sheep used to be time consuming and hassle, with Roxan its none of those!

Having used Roxan for a number of years now retention of tags is much improved and tagging bunches is a lot quicker. We don't have any problems with infected ears around the tags.

Nothing is perfect but on sorting the hill ewes a flock of 630 cheviots this summer we only had to tag two ewes which had lost their tags. Also out of another flock of 400 we had six to tag, and in the pure beltex flock none needed tags at tupping time.  All in all not bad!


We also have swaledales and the tags / tag faster work fine with these horns too!

The tag faster taggers are great, easy to use and so much quicker, again nothing works every time and you do need to put one in with the single pliers every so often but it isn't a problem.


We enjoy dealing with the friendly and helpful people at Roxan.

We would sum up by saying,  "they're not the cheapest tags on the market but the tags are very good, the tag faster saves such an amount of time and hassle, and the people are very good to deal with that we will continue to deal with Roxan in the future"

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