HeadCount App

Version 3.01
Read Animals
Real-time reading of animals. This collects displays the animal number as you read them. It gives you a chance to add a text or numeric note against each animal. The readings are still being saved on your device as you do this, so don’t worry if you lose connection !
Recall from reader memory
Downloads the whole memory of the connected Bluetooth reader. The number of readings being downloaded is displayed as it is happening. Don’t worry if that does not match the number of readings which are displayed once complete. Any Groups you have created are ‘counted’ as an animal during this process. Sorry about that !
Recall from mobile database
Retrieves saved lists of tags from your phone’s database. If you have saved a list of animals as ‘EWES” or “SOLD to … “ then you can recall them to email on or print … or even add to, if you have more readings to do.
Take a look at any of your previous print outs. Whenever you do a blue-tooth print, it is saved  as a ‘pdf’ document. It looks exactly like the one you printed, but if you want tropical it and print it again, you can change or add to it manually at this stage.
Here is where you can enter multiple headers which will show on your printout or email. Create a SALE, or PURCHASE, or TREATMENT header for example, or just the name and address of your farm.
Export your data so you can upload it onto another Android phone with Roxan HeadCount App installed.