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Apr 6, 2014
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extra visual management at no extra cost

Multi-coloured pins:
A system of livestock management that is unique to Roxan tags:

Organization is everything.
Well, it might not be EVERYTHING, but for a great deal of people, both in and away from the farming community, organization is key for helping your business grow.

For farming world, being organized could mean a couple of things; it can range from knowing how you keep the spanners in your workshop organized, to keeping detailed notes of you crop rotations and knowing what grows best on your land. These methods are both necessary processes, and time and labor savers that aim to make your work easier and save you money.

With livestock in particular, there are certain organizational factors that could be beyond your control; it’s not always possible to tell which animals will grow best, who will prosper and who will perish. It’s one of those organic traits that mother nature seems to have the majority of control over…it’s safe to say that you have a great deal more success organizing you spanner, but its never really going to make a substantial impact on you financially!


But simple aids such as being able to trace the genealogy of a lamb without having to rely on a computer could provide you with clearer insights into parental strength and performance, which could in turn open up a wealth of options on how you manage your flock.

Unlike other tags, which only offer you one colour coding option for birth year, Roxan provide the same service but with the added advantage of custom multi colored pins. This allows you to trace not only the year the animal was born, but also the tup from whence in came. Simply choose from one of the ten available colours, and assign it to its sire. For example, Red pins would be sire one, Green pins sire two etc., then, over the course of their life, you will be able to quickly and easily monitor the growth of the animal, and work out who is giving you the best lambs. Whether you are interested in welfare, management or profit increases; better pins are a step in the right direction towards better breeding.

To find out more please get in touch with us, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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