ROXAN TagFaster tops EID read-rates

Mar 30, 2012
Posted by: brian
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Better than all other tags

In a statistically very significant report from Scoteid, Roxan TagFaster EID tags are at very least 1% beRoxan TagFaster EID reads better than otherstter than all other high selling (> 50,000) tags for read rate performance, and very close to 3% better than the worst -  one of the UK's top sellers !

Read the report 

and listen to Nigel Millar's interview on EID in Brussels

Joint statement following EID meeting March 30, 2012 9:42 AM

After a meeting with the European Commission to discuss NFUS proposals to ensure the sheep EID system could work at a farm level, Liberal Democrat MEP for Scotland George Lyon, President of NFU Scotland Nigel Miller and George Milne and John Cameron from the NSA made the following joint statement: "It was a tough meeting with the Commission who were willing to give the time to try to understand the real issues facing Scottish sheep farmers. "The Commission officials challenged us to come forward with concrete proposals on how a single tag system for breeding sheep on the holding of birth might work. "It is clear that the Commission is reluctant to open any process aimed at making EID more manageable unless that proposal is robust and could garner the support of other Member States. "We will continue a dialogue with the Commission to refine a workable proposal that would give us the opportunity to make some progress on this really difficult issue. "The door to reform is not completely closed."

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