TagFaster maintenance

May 18, 2014
Posted by: brian
Category: Sheep Tag News
Keep TagFaster working with some simple care.

If you are finding TagFaster getting harder to use, and wonder why, there is a simple solution that should not only get you back to work, but defuse what can be a very frustrating situation !

A small amount of 'veggie oil' (food quality becasue it is guaranteed to contain no impurities that can actually make things worse if you use typical DIY products) applied to the metal rod (see below) that the spring loaded 'pecker' slides along, and a small amount applied down the front and back edge of the ‘sabre-tooth’, loosens up the action and keeps you working. 

If you can apply the oil as a drop or directional spray or even on the tips of your fingers, and pump the TagFaster handle with the other. This should get the lubricant into all of the right places without making the handles slippy at the same time ! 

Finally, it is also very worthwhile keeping you gun clean. Made from stainless steel and plastic, you are welcome to use water to clean it. We have been kown to throw thm in a washing machine when refurbishing them. Looking after your tools and keeping them in a dry and dust free area will do nothing but help them to work forever. As a matter of interest we had a report from a New Zealand customer who tagged 4000 sheep in one day with only 2 guns available. His secret was simple - the regular application of veggie oil - and we have been receommending it ever since.

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