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Sep 15, 2012
Posted by: brian
Category: Sheep Tag News
TagFaster Pins have grown-up - !

TagFaster Senior pin improves Roxan's sheep tag performanceRoxan TagFaser Twin Pin size increasesTagFaster Tags from Roxan are developing. The 'Senior' pin's key benefits will be

1. strength in the area that, on thinner pins, can be broken (as the pin enters the fixing).

2. welfare - because it is both longer and almost parallel (which  means the tag can be overclosed as it is applied, to make sure it is 'home', but it will open-up again to relieve the wound and offer the maximum space for the ear). 3) RoxSolid - The end of the pin is lower than the tag so the new hammer in 'Senior' TagFaster applicators can take a real hold of the pin in order to drive it through even thicker ears - even when the tags gets softer with age. 


Another example of Roxan's commitment to progress through engineered innovation !

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